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Osteoarthritis Diagnosis

The impact of osteoarthritis on your daily life can be significant, affecting your mobility, causing pain and stiffness in your joints, and limiting your ability to perform everyday tasks efficiently.
Here’s how we can help you:
  • Identify and assess the extent of osteoarthritis in your joints.
  • Evaluate your symptoms, medical history, and physical examination results.
  • Develop a personalized treatment plan tailored to your specific needs.
Our goal is to help manage your symptoms, improve joint function, and enhance your overall quality of life.

Osteoporosis Screening

Osteoporosis is often a silent condition, with individuals unaware of their low bone density until a fracture occurs. This can lead to significant pain, loss of mobility, and a decrease in overall quality of life. Identifying the problem early is crucial for effective intervention and prevention.
Here’s how we can help you:
  • Our modern imaging technologies help us provide accurate measurements of bone density.
  • Conduct personalized risk assessments, coupled with educational programs to reduce the risk of fractures
Our main goal is to help you take control of your bone health and for you to make smart choices about your lifestyle and healthcare, and keep your bones strong.

Ultrasound Diagnostics

Diagnostic procedures can be intimidating and uncomfortable, causing anxiety for some. Also, delayed or inaccurate diagnoses can hinder proper treatment and lead to unnecessary complications.
Here’s how we can help you:
  • We specialize in ultrasound diagnostics, a non-invasive and painless non-invasive and painless ultrasound diagnostics.
  • Our skilled radiologists and technologists provide precise imaging and interpretation.
  • We deliver comprehensive diagnostic insights for identifying potential abnormalities and visualizing internal structures.
Our primary goal is to improve patient care through advanced ultrasound diagnostics. You can gain access to accurate and reliable diagnoses, leading to appropriate treatment plans.

Sports Therapy

Engaging in sports and physical activities can strain your body, leading to injuries, pain, and reduced performance. Many individuals struggle to find effective solutions to recover from sports-related issues and get back to their active lifestyles.
How we can help you:
  • We utilize advanced techniques and evidence-based treatments to assess, rehabilitate, and prevent sports-related injuries.
  • Our dedicated team of sports therapy experts will curate strategies to address your injury concerns, improve your physical conditioning, and enhance your athletic abilities.
The benefits of our sports therapy programs include faster recovery from injuries, improved mobility and strength, enhanced performance, and a reduced risk of future injuries. We are committed to supporting your athletic goals and helping you reach new heights in your sports endeavours.

VO2 max/Lactate Testing (running)

Many runners struggle to understand their true aerobic capacity and train effectively. Without accurate VO2 max and lactate threshold data, it’s hard to plan your training and achieve your best performance. That’s where specialized testing can make a difference.
How we can help you:
  • Our experts use current VO2 max and lactate testing equipment to measure your aerobic capacity, identify your lactate threshold, and analyze important markers in your body.
  • We provide personalized training programs just for you.
Our goal is to help you unlock your running potential. Through our testing, you’ll learn valuable information about your aerobic fitness and anaerobic threshold. This knowledge allows you to train more efficiently, set appropriate intensity levels, and improve your race performances.

VO2 max/Lactate Testing (cycling)

Without accurate data on their VO2 max and lactate threshold, it becomes difficult for cyclists to design training programs effectively and reach peak performance. They need access to specialised testing to optimise their training and enhance their cycling abilities.
How we can help you:
  • Our experienced team utilises special equipment and protocols to measure your aerobic capacity, identify your lactate threshold, and analyse critical physiological markers.
  • We develop personalised training programs tailored to your cycling needs.
The benefits of our testing services include improved endurance, increased training efficiency, and enhanced cycling performance. By understanding your unique physiological profile, you can tailor your workouts to target specific areas for improvement, optimise your training regimen, and reach your cycling goals.

Gait Lab Testing

Walking, running, and moving seem effortless, but did you know that subtle irregularities in your gait can cause a cascade of problems? These issues can affect your overall well-being and limit your potential, from chronic pain to reduced mobility.
How we can help you:
  • We thoroughly assess your gait patterns and then identify any irregularities, imbalances, or biomechanical issues
  • We offer personalised recommendations and interventions to help improve your gait, enhance your overall functionality, and reduce any associated pain or discomfort.
We aim to alleviate pain, improve stability and balance, enhance mobility, correct postural problems, and optimise overall performance. We’ll help you overcome these challenges and regain confidence in your movement.
Shockwave Therapy

Shockwave Therapy

Living with chronic pain or struggling with stubborn injuries can be incredibly frustrating, affecting every aspect of your life. Some clients have tendonitis, plantar fasciitis, muscle strains and beyond.
How we can help you:
  • We offer current Shockwave Therapy, a non-invasive and highly targeted treatment option.
  • We customise each Shockwave Therapy session to meet your specific needs.
Our therapy sessions can improve your condition and overall well-being by promoting healing, reducing inflammation, and stimulating tissue repair -whether you’re seeking relief from chronic pain, recovering from an injury, or simply curious about our pain management strategies.

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